Variable Message Boards

VMS_mainAll our Variable Message Boards are event quality and meet the regulatory standards as specified by the RMS. These standards are as follow:

  • The Australian Standard AS 4852.2 – 2009
  • Variable Message Signs Part: 2, Portable Signs
  • The RMS Specification No:P3104A [April 2008] Technical Specification for the Hire of Trailer Mounted Portable, Solar Powered Variable Message Signs [VMS]
  • RMS Guideline S: PN028/G.Guidelines for the Location and Placement of Variable Signs. TDT 2005/02a June 2006
  • TDT 2008/01 use of Portable Variable Message Signs with Radar Speed Indicators.
  • Australian Standard AS 4192-2006 IlluminatedFlashing Arrow Signs.

All of PremiAir Hire fleet is equipped with: Global Positioning System [GPS], Three modes of Communication, SMS, Manual,.PC Laptop [modem]


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