Portable Fuel Cell

PremiAir Hire’s 1000L Fuel Cells are specifically designed for applications such as mining, construction, civil and events where an IBC container can be deployed on site full of diesel fuel. They are internally baffled and have certified lifting corner brackets.  Many features make this a very highly spec’d diesel tank and if longevity and ruggedness is required, this is your answer. Several features such as lockable access, letterbox facility for fuel lines, and vandal-proof access lid make it the ideal diesel fuel storage tank for city, regional or remote locations. PremiAir Hire can also facilitate on-site re-fuelling via our tanker fleet, available 24/7

Product Details

  • 110% self bunded, steel in steel
  • Approved IBC to AS1692-2006
  • Internally baffled for transporting full or partially full of fuel
  • Approved for lifting when full
  • Provision to supply up to 3 generators/pumps/compressors
  • Stackable 2 high when full, 3 high when empty


Cick to download19/10/2021
Tank Capacity: 1000L
Safe Fill Level: 860L
Dimensions (mm): L 1670 x W 1050 x H 1235
Weight: Empty: 680kgs
Full: 1488kgs