200mm | Amber Font

Small VMS

PremiAir Hire offers the most advanced & highest quality Variable Message Signs on the market today.

We understand that your message to your targeted audience is extremely important to you and therefore our aim is to present it that way!

All our VMS’s meet specified regulatory standards, and are available in all sizes, both Colour and Amber.
See specification tab below for more details.

Product Details


Cick to download19/10/2021
Types Available: Variable Message Board – Type A – 200mm Font – (Amber)
Variable Message Board – Type B – 320mm Font – (Amber)
Variable Message Board – Type C – 400mm Font – (Amber)
Variable Message Board – Type C – 400mm Font – (Colour)
Features & Benefits: Ability to communicate with Variable Message Signs remotely using Mobile (3G) SIM card:
1.  WebVMS™ from your favourite web browser
2.  SMS from your Mobile phone
3.  PC using the VMS Designer software
4.  STREAMS – used by government Road Authorities
Locally at the Sign:
1.  VMS COMPUTER, when fitted to Sign
2.  PC connection using VMS Designer software
All Variable Message Signs are fitted with GPS tracking devices
All Variable Message Signs are self energised utilising Solar Technology
Towing: Easily towable with passanger vehicle